Step 5: Estimate

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At this step you can review all the information you have entered and view a breakdown of your contributions estimate. For your convenience you can also print, save, or export your estimate.


hmtoggle_plus1Making changes in previous steps


First print or save your original estimate if you wish to keep that, then return to the step that you want to change using the "Back" arrows at the lower left hand side of your screen. Once you have made changes, return to previous steps by using the "Next" arrows at the lower right hand side of your screen. You can adjust your estimate as many times as you need.

hmtoggle_plus1Water care and wastewater


Your estimate does not include water supply or wastewater, as these are not charged as development contributions activities. To find out what IGC’s may apply you can contact Veolia Water in the Papakura area and Watercare Services Limited for the rest of Auckland.


hmtoggle_plus1Are any of the details from my estimate retained?

None of the details from your estimate are retained by Auckland Council.