Step 2: Details

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To save you entering more information later on, the development contributions estimator asks you a couple of questions at this stage. These questions help the Development Contributions Estimator to know what instructions and development types you will require in subsequent steps.


hmtoggle_plus1Feasibility's for multiple consent types


The Development Contributions Estimator does not perform estimates for more than one consent type at the same time. When doing a feasibility that requires this, you should think about the type of consent application that would reach its payment trigger first, and perform estimates sequentially based on this, exporting your estimates to MS Excel.


Keep in mind that Auckland Council will not require you to pay the same units of demand twice. You can take this into account in your sequential estimates by in each case entering the existing state to be the same as the proposed state from your previous estimate in your sequence of estimates.

hmtoggle_plus1What a built structure is


Built structures include buildings, car parks – anything other than bare grass. If you're not sure contact an Auckland Council development contributions assessor to find out.

hmtoggle_plus1If you paid contributions on a prior consent